Do you count yourself among those people who call themselves ‘coffebuffs’? Apparently, half of the world’s population qualifies as ardent coffee lovers. It is during the early morning hours and the lazy afternoon hours that our body and mind does not seem to work properly without some caffeine in our system. And, one cannot deny the addictive good taste of coffee either. However, doctors and nutrition experts opine that too much of coffee can actually be harmful for our health. Haven’t we all come across the ads on newspapers, leaflets and television about excessive coffee consumption becoming harmful for one’s nervous system? So, is there no solution for this? Will the coffee lovers have to give up their habits of chilling over a cup of coffee? Well, the answer to these questions is Gano Coffee.

Gano Coffee is basically a way to turn coffee into a healthdrink. Also known as Ganoderma Coffee, it is the world’s first and only healthy coffee which lowers the levels of caffeine to less than 9mg’s per cup as it contains the extracts of Ganoderma. Famous as Reishi or Linghzi in the Far East, Ganoderma is a herb that has been in use for over 4000 years. It was believed to be the herb of spiritual vitality and long life by the emperors of Japan and China. This is no myth. Medical research that has been conducted over the last decade has revealed that it provides more energy and lessens fatigue. It rejuvenates the cells in your body and adds vigor. It gives you more alertness and strengthens your organs through better detoxification. This herb is also known for strengthening one’s immune system and curing insomnia. As it heals your body from the inside, you feel an extra amount of energy which is not caffeine stimulated.

Gano Coffee is prepared by mixing the coffee beans with the extracts of Ganoderma. It is cultivated and processed using natural and organic methods. Extra attention is paid to ensure that no harmful chemicals, artificial enhancers, or pesticides are used in growing the coffee or the herb. Now, you know why Gano Coffee is known as the healthier coffee!