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How Coffee Benefits Overall Health – Coffee – Food and Beverage

Is coffee healthy? How many of us ponder over this question every morning while sipping the first cup of pure and unadulterated bliss? Coffee is the driving force of millions of people at present, with nine to five office goers topping the charts. There is some ingredient in this naturally occurring bean triggers the sudden shift of mood to sheer sluggish to instant fit-and-alert. Is it something similar to prescription drugs? Should this explain the reason why people get dependent on it over time? Does this mean that coffee drinkers will quite inevitably meet with disastrous health effects in the near / far future? So many questions and the answer to all is not in the affirmative.
There are numerous health benefits of coffee, and the ignorance of the masses about the same can be forgiven because of the fact that not many have dwelt in this topic before. Coffee is nothing similar to prescription drugs and impact of dependence on this drink is almost nil, when compared with addictive drugs. It is not necessary that coffee drinkers will face eventual, inevitable and irreversible deterioration in overall health. This is perhaps, the right time to learn “The Truth About Healthy Coffee”.
Coffee carries the burden of some very common charges. They can be named as dehydration, loss of nutrients in the body, insomnia (low quality sleep), birth defects etc. Residue pesticides in the beans causing rise in toxicity within the body is also a potent argument against coffee. However, before attempting to dismiss the drink as poisonous, consider the following points, which are based of thorough research.
To begin with, coffee was considered hazardous prior to 1975 when people consumed unfiltered and percolated coffee which caused the chemicals and pesticides to enter their bodies and cause mayhem. Health benefits of coffee have improved post 1975, when the methods of filtration and coffee preparation improved dramatically, leaving minimum scope for ill effects.
Secondly, the present times offer the choice of switching over to ‘organic coffee’. In very simple words, organic coffee refers to coffee being grown, produced, processed, roasted, stored and transported without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals, or any chemical whatsoever. The process of manufacturing such coffee is long, tedious and expensive, but is worth all the trouble. It is one of the healthiest alternatives available to coffee drinkers at present.

Thirdly, people can also consider coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum extracts. Ganoderma Lucidum is a kind of rare red mushroom that is upheld as a miracle ingredient to best health and fitness. This is in fact, the ingredient that makes coffee healthy. Drinking this alternative would only add to the health and not subtract from it.
What people must ensure though is the right intake of water when they are into drinking coffee irrespective of the form. Smoking should also be avoided o ensure arousing negative effects of any kind. Coffee will inevitably benefit overall health when the right variety is chosen and it is consumed in the right manner.


The Coffee Healthy Tips

‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee…’ yes, that’s the charm of coffee- hot or cold-, is sure to lift the sulky spirit of yours. Coffee can be anytime your partner to pass some good times with it. If you are having a lonesome time, just treat yourself with a cup of coffee and see the magic work. There are various other benefits of coffee for which people love to take a cup.

The caffeine that is present in the coffee acts as a stimulant. Therefore, a cup of coffee is preferred after a hard day’s work. Coffee is much popular among students who stay up late at night and prepare for exams. It also works as an energy booster that increases the energy level of the students. The function of the brain also improves with coffee consumption and it has been proved by studies that cognitive ability and memory is better in the person consuming at least 2 cups of coffee every day. Therefore few cups of coffee a day can do more than keeping you awake.

The caffeine that is present in the coffee acts as antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals which are the cancer causing agents. Therefore, it decreases the degredation of the cell that is caused by these free radicals. The caffeine also boosts up the metabolism and helps you to lose your weight. Coffee also decreases the chance of Alzheimer’s disease – a disease that causes memory loss or thinking ability of a person.

According to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Health shows that coffee also reduces the chances of type-2 diabetes. In case of men taking 3-4 mugs of coffee daily decreases the chance much by 50% while in case of women it reduces about 30%. Coffee is also found to decrease the chances of liver cancer. This has been found by researches that liver cancer happens less among regular coffee drinkers.

Coffee is found to contain Omega-6 fatty acids which the body doesn’t produce. Coffee or the caffeine seeds are the source for omega-6 fatty acids also called polyunsaturated fats. These are necessary for the functioning of brain, proper growth, and healthy skin, growth of bones, maintaining the metabolism of body thus keeping you healthy and fit.

It’s a good start for you with a cup of hot coffee. There are two main species of coffee- Arabica and Robusta. Arabica has better flavor than Robusta and it brings about good flavor. ‘Can I buy you a cup of coffee?’ or ‘Can we discuss this later over a cup of coffee?’ are the frequently heard questions that you will get to hear that implies coffee can be a good conversation starter. As one thing follows the other, a good relationship can be started with coffee. The coffee shops in the city are much popular stops for the growing teenage groups who love to have a light chitchat over a cup of hot or cold coffee. So have coffee and stay coffee healthy!